It’s Sunday: A day to crank up couch-potato/stewing mode another notch. A day to netflix & actually chill — or not chill (do you, boo). A day to low-key stress about everything you have coming up this week, but can act like you don’t care because it’s still the weekend… and let’s be honest, the weekday anxiety only starts to kick in at around 8:00pm. But most importantly, it is a day for BRUNCHING.

Which brings me to today’s blog post… one of my absolute favourite breaky/brunch spots, Motto Café at Motto am Fluss. I’m assuming you’re already getting ready to head out to eat after seeing the photos. Almost impossible not to, really. #foodporn. I absolutely love this place not only because of their delicious menu, but because of the restaurants overall aesthetic and ambiance. This place is to die for.

Motto am Fluss is “docked” right along the Danube Canal in the 2nd district in Vienna, Austria. The restaurant is designed the look like a gorgeous boat (and can be easily mistaken for one) and is split into two levels: the restaurant downstairs and Motto Café upstairs. Motto Café is more suitable for the typical breakfast/brunchy foods and the usual types of food and bevies you’d find in a café. This being said, nothing actually tastes like your average café food. You immediately notice how they add their own twist to traditional foods, and boy do they do it well.

For breakfast I had green a smoothie and delicious pancakes which were filled with bananas and orange whipped cream, topped with maple syrup, apples and raspberries (I mean, look at how happy I look eating my pancakes). One of my friend’s ordered the “Lighthouse” which is toast with poached eggs, spinach, cottage cheese, chives and olive oil; the other ordered a beet smoothie and what I believe is the “Full Speed Ahead” … this was almost like a mini charcuterie board with some yummy egg toast on the side. Finally, for dessert we had the Motto Cheesecake and a chocolate moose tart along with tea and cappuccinos.

I highly recommend visiting Motto am Fluss whenever you’re in Vienna! It’s definitely one of my top 5’s, and that says a lot because breakfast is my favourite meal.

Thanks for stopping by & happy Sunday!

xx, Es