Hi guys! I’ve gotten my hands on a variety of new products and tools that I’ve been trying out (& have been loving) over the past couple of weeks and am very excited to get some reviews out on the blog. Today’s review is going to be on the Mikasa 8 Piece Essential Kit brush set! Let’s get to it…

Before we get started on the brushes, I have to touch on the quality of the packaging! The set comes in a cylinder pleather case with snap closures on either side. I was extremely surprised by the durability of the container and the luxurious feel, given that the set only retails for $60! It’s also a great way to store your brushes for when you’re traveling (you can throw some of your other staples in there as well), because you won’t have the worry about the bristles bending.

The set contains eight brushes: 4x eye brushes and 4x face brushes. Every single brush in this set have a nice weight to them and are very durable. The bristles are all so soft, there has been very minimal shedding and I use almost every single brush in the set for my everyday makeup routine.

Brush breakdown:

E100: This angled brush is designed to create the perfect wing or alternatively, can be used for your brows! There’s not much to say about this brush other than the fact that it gives you great control and does the job well. I personally use this brush to define my brows with powders, but it works great with creams and liquids as well.

E230: This tapered shader brush is definitely one of my favourites! It’s very comparable to the MAC 239 brush. The E230 is very dense, so it really helps you pack on the pigment and achieve your desired look. I also use this brush along my lower lash line when I’m doing a smokey eye. However, I only recommend using this brush on the lower lash line if you really like to drag out your smokey eye and vibe with the whole bottom-heavy situation, which is personally my favourite. #smoulder.

E300: The almighty blending brush! This soft, tapered brush is perfect for really getting into the crease and blending it out. I typically use brushes with longer bristles that are a little fluffier to blend, so I use the E300 to actually apply deeper colours in my crease… super great control!

E310: Just another pencil brush. Can’t really go wrong with it, you know what I mean? I use this one along my lower lash line to apply very deep colours like black, dark brown, burgundy, etc and then use the E230 to smoke it out. It’s great for applying highlighter in the inner corners as well as smoking out gel or pencil liners!

E220: The E220 is a synthetic concealer brush; it is very gentle and has long bristles, which makes it perfect for applying liquid or cream concealers and cream products in general. I personally prefer a wider brush for concealer application, so this wouldn’t be my go-to per se, but that’s just personal preference. I also always blend out my concealer with my beauty blender, so I mean, a concealer brush really isn’t a big deal. I tend to use this brush more for applying my cream contour!

F100: Ouuu, I love this powder brush! This brush is huge, super soft and perfect for a seamless all-over application. I use this brush to apply bronzer and to warm up the face prior to contouring, or it can simply be used to blend out any harsh edges to get that trace-less airbrush finish. I would also recommend this for those who like using powder foundation!

F111: I use this blush brush for both blush and my highlight, actually! It’s the perfect size and shape to apply your blush and is dense enough to get your blush to show up nicely. I typically use a very large & dense fan brush for my highlight, because let’s be honest, I’m all about that extraterrestrial glow… but recently I’ve started alternating my OG highlight brush for the F111. Because of the size of the brush, I find I have more control for the days I want to be a bit more subtle.

F200: Finally, the duo fiber finishing brush. I tend to use this blush to apply my foundation evenly before blending it out with my beauty blender. This brush is so incredibly soft and I just love the way it feels on my face. You can also use this brush to apply bronzer and blush when you’re wanting to go for a more natural look since the long bristles are perfect for a sheer application.

Overall, I would have to say this brush set totally exceeded my expectations. I often find that it’s very hit or miss with brush sets because it seems that many brands out there compromise the quality of the brushes for the quantity that they are able to produce in shorter amounts of time. However, this is a set I definitely recommend you give a try if you’re in the market for some new brushes! If you’re in Vancouver, you can purchase this set in store at any Shifeon location or on Mikasa’s website.

Hope you guys found this review helpful! Until next time.

xx, Es