I recently went on a weekend trip to Prague with my cousin and some friends. It was my first time in the Czech Republic and it was absolutely perfect! I’ve honestly never gotten over how Europe makes having fun so easy. What I’m trying to say is… if I wanted to get away for a weekend back in Vancouver, the options are very limited; although there is tons to see in Canada (BC in particular), everything is so spread out and far away. In this case, however, I was able to travel from Vienna to Bratislava the night before (1 hour… amazing) and then to Prague in just a few short hours the next morning… a completely different country and culture for a fraction of the price I would pay for a weekend getaway back home. It’s incredible how accessible education aka travel is in the EU.

Anyway, my travel buddies were actually in the city for work/play, so I ended up having one day entirely to myself. It was great because I got to do a little software update on GP-Es/Essie Maps (Google Maps in my brain, LOL) and roam free. I took my super basic map from the hotel and explored through every crack and crevice in the city. Slightly exaggerated but I walked for about 10 hours that day. Shoutout to my Chucks for surviving the trek and for keeping me safe on those cobbly roads.

That day I visited Old Town Hall, ate lunch by myself in the square (which I highly recommend, btw), walked across the Charles Bridge a few times, saw some gorgeous churches and cathedrals (including St. Nicholas Church), and ended the night at a local Czech restaurant with my cousin and her man before we explored the Prague Castle. Typical touristy stuff, but there’s a reason it’s “touristy stuff”, amiright? The little detours I took throughout the day made it that much more spectacular. The rest of the weekend was equally amazing, we ate lots, tried Czech beer, explored some more and had some fun at my cousin’s holiday concert. Oh, I also tried traditional deep fried cheese which was basically breaded and deep fried cheese. Definitely delicious, and definitely kept me full for an incredible amount of time.

Overall the weekend getaway was exactly what I hoped for. Great time with great company in a great city. The sun was shining for the most part and wasn’t too cold (perfect for #fallfashion). I highly recommend paying a visit to Prague if you can at any point in your life… it’s truly breathtaking.


Coat: PAUW (find similar here)

Vest w/ detached faux fur: Zara (can still be purchased here)

Sunnies: Céline Graphic Sunglasses

Denim: Zara Basic

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Balenciaga Giant Part-Time

I hope you excused the bedhead and enjoyed the photos! Thanks for stopping by.

xx, Es