I get a lot of questions about the products I use to soften the blow of the bleach/colour process that went down to achieve my blonde hair. Obviously I’m a natural brunette, so lightening my hair definitely did some damage. My natural hair is a mix of both ashy and warm tones; as a result, my blonde has a tendency of looking coppery if I don’t take proper care! I’m sure many of you can relate.

Pictured above are some products that I use and highly recommend for colour treated and/or blonde hair:

1. L’Oréal Expert Gloss Protect System Silver (Purple Shampoo): This is a product I ended up discovering by accident. I initially intended on purchasing the Milkshake brand purple shampoo (which, btw, I have heard incredible things about) but the salon was sold out so they suggested this one. Technically the product is designed for Silver hair, but I was assured that it works just as well for blonde hair. I use this shampoo every second wash, just because the toning properties and ingredients used in purple shampoo tend to leave my hair feeling a little dry. I use a generous amount and leave it in my hair for a couple minutes before I rinse out and condition. This is by far the best purple shampoo I have used and really helps reduce any brassy/coppery tones from showing up in my hair. Love it.

2. L’Oréal Hair Expertise Total Repair 5 Shampoo: On the days that I’m not using purple shampoo, I stick to this Total Repair 5 Shampoo. Nothing fancy, I pick it up at Shoppers or any drug store really. This shampoo contains Ceramide, a waxy lipid molecule, which helps replenish and restore damaged hair. Honestly, this stuff leaves my hair feeling so hydrated and smooth and this is before conditioner (FYI: I use the Total Repair 5 Conditioner also).

3. Redken Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Violet Conditioner: This conditioner is very cool because it has 6 dials that allow you to choose how much toner you want mixed into the conditioner from the dual-chamber nozzle. Typically you a) twist the dial on the lower end of the scale aka 1 or 2 when you’re wanting to maintain the colour you currently have b) increase the dial to 3 or 4 when it’s looking a little brassy, or c) pump it up a notch to 5 or 6 when you really need to give your blonde locks some life or just have way too much brassiness going on.

4. Redken Blonde Idol Mask: This mask is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g for blonde hair. I am completely and utterly obsessed with it. I apply this after I shampoo and do a quick towel dry. I leave it in for about 10 minutes and then rinse out with warm water and then a super quick cool rinse before I step out to lock in the moisture. The mask is has a gel-like consistency, is light purple (due to toning ingredients) and smells great. My Blonde Idol Conditioner has been on the back burner since this mask came into my life for sure. If you feel like you need some extra help after bleach/blonde treatment, I highly recommend this mask. Does wonders.

5. Kérastase Reflection Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Masque: This mask is another favourite. Well I guess that’s obvious because I’m writing about it. Anyway, this one is great because it works for all hair colours! Yay. This moisturizing mask leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and you’ll notice an obvious shine after using it a couple times. I recommend this for anyone with colour treated hair; especially those of you who use hot tools on the daily.

6. Moroccanoil Treatment Original: You probably already use this/have used it. The OG Moroccan Oil. Personally, I only use this product whenever I blowout my hair (helps my hair glide easily through the bristles of my brush #nopull) or in the summer when there’s too much sun and/or chlorine damage. Those who are worried about their hair getting greasy… the key is to use between a dime to a quarter size amount and spread it through your palms before you massage it through the tips of your hair. Stay as far away from your roots as possible and you’re set!

This wraps up my must-have products for colour-treated hair. I hope you found this helpful! Feel free to comment any requests or questions you may have. Until next time!
xx, Es